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How Much Higher Can Rates Go?

September 19, 2022   |   LPL Research

Inflationary dynamics continue to surprise to the upside, and markets now expect the Fed to pursue one of its most aggressive rate hiking campaign in years. U.S. Treasury yields continue to move higher as well. We think we’ve seen the biggest moves higher in yields, but as long as inflationary pressures continue to surprise to the upside, interest rate volatility will likely remain. 

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Getting Jobs Market Back into Balance

September 12, 2022   |   LPL Research

Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell reiterated his warning that getting inflation under control will require some pain. Powell is likely making these warnings based on the arcane, clunky relationship between inflation and unemployment. The key to getting the market back into balance is a bigger labor force, and the economy is starting to experience a larger labor force as individuals come off the sidelines and rejoin the job market.

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September’s Calendar Cruelty for Stocks

September 6, 2022   |   LPL Research

The difficult 2022 for stocks may not get much easier because as we now wait for better news on the inflation front, we have to contend with a seasonally weak month of September. While we got some welcome news in Friday’s jobs report, more evidence of falling inflation will take time to materialize. The good news is a seasonally strong fourth quarter is right around the corner. 

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Earnings Recap: Still Hanging In There

August 29,  2022   |   LPL Research

Earnings growth of 6-7% doesn’t sound very exciting, but given the challenges corporate America has faced, we consider the nearly-complete second quarter earnings season a resounding success. The numerous challenges last quarter included a slowing economy, intensifying inflation pressures, ongoing global supply chain disruptions, and a surging U.S. dollar.

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Home Sales Fall (Again). What’s Next?

August 22,  2022   |   LPL Research

Existing home sales fell 5.9% in July, the sixth consecutive month of declines as higher interest rates weigh on housing affordability and prospective buyers. As the housing market slowed, so did prices. The median price for a single family home was $410,600, a decline of roughly $10,000 from June. 

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Is This the Start of a New Bull Market?

August 15,  2022   |   LPL Research

Investors cheered the two better-than-expected inflation reports last week, pushing the S&P 500 to 16% above its June 16 low and only 11% below its all-time high. After this rebound, the key question investors are asking is whether this is a bear market rally that will soon fizzle or the start of a new bull market.

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The Case for a U.S. Recession Weakens

August 8,  2022   |   LPL Research

The market pundits remain intensely focused on the question of whether the U.S. economy is in or about to enter recession, so we thought a piece on what a recession might mean for the stock market would be of interest.

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What a Week for the Stock Market

August 1,  2022   |   LPL Research

That was quite a week. These days a Federal Reserve (Fed) policy meeting alone gets a lot of headlines and has market participants on the edge of their seats. Add to that the second straight quarter of negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth that exacerbated recession fears, the busiest week of earnings season, and important but sometimes under-the-radar inflation data, and last week was epic for market watchers.

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3 Factors That Could Change the Inflation Course

July 25, 2022   |   LPL Research

For the past year, supply-related problems contributed more to inflation than demand-related imbalances, but that may be changing soon. There are at least three factors that could change the course of inflation.

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Managing Market Volatility

July 18, 2022   |   LPL Research

Markets rarely give us clear skies, and there are always threats to watch for on the horizon, but the right preparation, context, and support can help us navigate anything that may lie ahead. So far, this year hasn’t seen a full-blown crisis like 2008–2009 or 2020, but the ride has been very bumpy. 

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Constructive, Not Complacent: Lowering S&P 500 Target

July 5, 2022   |   LPL Research

Stocks have been unable to make up much ground since the June 16 lows, with a bear market rally amounting to only around a 4.3% gain in the S&P 500 Index since then (as of July 1). After the more than 6% rally the week of June 24 and the increasing optimism that came with that bounce, stocks pulled back again last week—the 11th down week for the index in the past 13 weeks. 

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Relief at the Pump and for Portfolios?

June 27, 2022   |   LPL Research

2022 has been rough all-around for the American consumer. Not only are we battling decades-high inflation, but investors’ portfolios are off to one of the worst starts to a year in history as we near the halfway point. 

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Bear Market Q&A

June 21, 2022   |   LPL Research

The bear market that started on June 13 has left the S&P 500 Index 23.5% below its January 3 high. After the initial positive reaction to the Federal Reserve’s first 0.75% rate hike since 1994 and tough talk on inflation, heightened fears of recession and that the Fed might “break something” sent stocks down for the 10th week out of 11 for only the second time in history (The first was in 1970). 

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Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead?

June 13, 2022   |   LPL Research

This year has been tough for investors, not just because stocks have fallen but also because bonds have not helped mitigate those losses as they have historically done. Below we discuss the outlook for diversified portfolios of stocks and bonds to make the case that the 60/40 portfolio isn’t dead. 

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The Economy Is Slowing But Not Shrinking

June 6, 2022   |   LPL Research

Many pundits are issuing recession warnings and saying the economy is heading for a hard landing. Amid the cacophony of voices, we think the economy is slowing just like central bankers want but not shrinking. Further, we argue that a slowing economy is very different than a shrinking one. 

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Dawn of a New Era for Core Bonds

May 23, 2022   |   LPL Research

Core bond investors have experienced the worst start to the year ever. However tough this year has been so far though (and it has been tough), the potential for future returns has improved meaningfully, in our view.

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Corporate America Delivers, Market Attention Focused Elsewhere

May 16, 2022   |   LPL Research

First quarter earnings season was solid by just about any measure, but based on recent market behavior it’s obvious that in general market participants paid little attention. This is a macro-driven market, so it will likely take positive macro developments, i.e., better news on the inflation front, to turn stocks around. 

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Have We Really Seen Extreme Pessimism Yet?

May 9, 2022   |   LPL Research

It’s been a very tough start to the year with both stocks and bonds down sharply. Adding to the “wall of worry” for investors are the highest levels of U.S. inflation in decades, an aggressive Federal Reserve (Fed), Chinese lockdowns, and continuing war in Europe. 

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Businesses and Consumers Likely Protected From Near-Term Recession

April 25, 2022   |   LPL Research

Not all recessions are created equal. Previous downturns in the U.S. were prompted by various shocks, with the most recent recession started by health and government-induced shutdowns. Other recessions started in the corporate sector, whereas some started from commodity shocks. The next one could start from geopolitical tensions. Nonetheless, we think the current business and consumer environments are safe from near-term recession risks.

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What to Watch This Earnings Season

April 18, 2022   |   LPL Research

First quarter earnings season is rolling. BlackRock, Delta Airlines, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley were among the first 16 S&P 500 companies to report March quarter results, following 20 index constituents with quarters ending in February that had already reported.

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Headwinds to Global Growth: An Economy of Two Halves

April 11, 2022   |   LPL Research

LPL Research reduced U.S. and global GDP forecasts due to Russian commodity disruptions, elevated inflation dynamics, and higher borrowing costs. Still, we expect the U.S. economy to grow 2.7-3.2% in 2022, supported by business investment and consumer services spending in the latter half of this year.

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LPL Research’s Stock Market Final Four

April 4, 2022   |   LPL Research

As the Final Four NCAA Basketball Tournament rolls on in New Orleans, we continue our tradition of picking a stock market final four. 

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Tempered but Optimistic Enthusiasm Over Stocks

March 28, 2022   |   LPL Research

As the stock market recovered from the 2020 pandemic lows, valuations reached levels not seen since the dotcom bubble more than 20 years ago. The reopening economy and massive fiscal stimulus helped fuel one of the strongest starts to a bull market ever (a bull market that just turned two-years-old last week).

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Are Core Bonds Under Pressure?

March 21, 2022   |   LPL Research

Core bond investors have experienced one of the worst starts to the year ever, potentially calling into question the validity of bonds in a portfolio.

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Ready, Set, Rate Hike

March 14, 2022   |   LPL Research

The Federal Reserve (Fed) meets this week and in all likelihood will raise short-term interest rates for the first time since emergency levels of monetary accommodation were provided to markets after the COVID-19 shutdowns.

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Downshift in U.S. Market Growth But Still Above Trend

March 7, 2022   |   LPL Research

We currently expect the U.S. economy to grow 3.7% in 2022. The risks are to the downside since the Fed may err on tightening too fast, the recent commodity spike may trickle down to the U.S. consumer, and supply and demand imbalances may last longer than expected.

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How Soon Are Rate Hikes Coming?

February 28, 2022   |   LPL Research

With inflationary pressures running higher than many central bankers are comfortable with, calls for interest rate hikes have become louder. A number of important central bank meetings are set to take place in March including the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Canada, Bank of England, and the Reserve Bank of Australia, to name a few.

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Strong Earnings Momentum to Start 2022

February 22, 2022   |   LPL Research

Corporate America has capped off an outstanding 2021 with an excellent fourth quarter earnings season so far. Entering 2021, the consensus estimate for S&P 500 Index earnings per share (EPS) was less than $170.

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The Valentine's Day Index

February 14, 2022   |   LPL Research

High inflation continues to cloud the economic outlook while its impact on the potential path of rate hikes has left markets unsettled. Inflation is a serious topic, but occasionally it’s useful to revisit it from a lighter perspective.

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Which Region Will Get the Gold in 2022

February 7, 2022   |   LPL Research

It’s been a rough start to the year for U.S. stocks with some stiff headwinds. The path of the S&P 500 in January looked like something Mikaela Shiffrin might ski on given the steepness of the decline with twists and turns.

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LPL Research’s Sustainable Investing Year in Review

January 31, 2022   |   LPL Research

 A well diversified sustainable investing portfolio doesn’t mean that an investor has to make a choice between achieving market-like returns and being an aware social and environmental steward.

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Potential Catalysts for a Market Turnaround

January 24, 2022   |   LPL Research

It’s been a rough few weeks for the stock market. Fears of rising rates and the Federal Reserve pulling back its stimulus more aggressively than previously anticipated to fight high inflation have caused most of the market jitters, though earnings season—albeit in the very early stages—hasn’t helped either.

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